The Recipe for Success!

"Charlotte Benz, Jack Canfield & and the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs & Professionals Reveal Their Secret Ingredients For Health, Wealth, and Success!"
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About the Author

Charlotte Benz

Charlotte Benz is the mother of two children who inspire her every day. Together they live in beautiful Southern Ireland. Charlotte is a committed Wellness Advocate for dõTERRA essential oils. She is passionate about sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.

Charlotte is a fully-qualified drama and theatre studies secondary school teacher, a trained Tapping practitioner, a Reiki Master, certified aromaTOUCH therapist and is currently training to become a certified Jack Canfield Train the Trainer.

Charlotte is enthusiastic about helping to inspire and empower mothers through life tools she calls Butterflies. Charlotte is also on a mission to educate children to live with passion and purpose, through the medium of original and empowering songs – a project she calls Kaleidoscope Kids.

About the Book

The Recipe for Success!

No Recipe For Success would be complete without a list of ingredients, the preparation instructions, and time and temperature for cooking. Some of the main ingredients would include: knowledge, passion, planning and perseverance.

Other additives could include money and mentoring for consistency, body and texture. If you are tempted to add in a tablespoon of luck, you may want to replace the luck with a cupful of action, because in reality, your recipe can never be completed without action, and no one can rely on luck to succeed.

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by Charlotte Benz

Clutching my newborn baby boy, I could feel my heart thumping my chest so vigorously that I thought it’d wake him. I took a deep breath and gently touched his delicate face. I glanced up then at my beautiful little girl, still only a toddler; precious and innocent.

The world outside passed by as the train led us to new unfamiliar horizons. The world within me, my world, had come to an end. This was the day my old life had reached its disturbing crescendo and expired.

I had pretended to be happy so convincingly, that I had even fooled myself. I realise now that Life is never fooled, it listens to even the faintest murmur of desire. And the core of me deeply desired a profound life...

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